Tahoe Food & Drink

Texas may not be known for its beaches, but Aaron and Janie Evans decided to import some Texas-style barbecue to this secluded, scenic beachfront eatery on Tahoe’s South Shore, and the result is some outstanding ’cue with a view. In May, the couple took over the former Lakeside Beach Grill spot just off Highway 50 near Stateline, and began serving up authentic Texas barbecue, including ribs and brisket smoked fresh daily at their Hog Wild Bar-B-Que restaurant in Placerville—Janie’s hometown. Aaron, the “pit master” for both places, previously spent 16 years at Dallas’ celebrated Eddie Deen & Company, which has catered inaugural balls for such Lone Star State luminaries as Rick Perry and George W. Bush (both as governor and president). The couple, who wed in Tahoe, now deliver smoked meats—the brisket is our favorite—every morning to their open-air lakeside restaurant (we recommend dining at sunset), which also welcomes vegetarians with a hearty, barbecue-seasoned grilled portobello mushroom sandwich. If you’d rather just picnic by the lake, Beach House opened a concession window in late June where you can grab brisket tacos and other portable culinary treat Think of this Mexican barbecue spot in Incline Village as slow fast food. The service is quick and the location—beside a 7-Eleven and a movie theater—is casual, but its rotisseries spin mouthwatering marinated chicken, tri-tip and pork over flames and mesquite wood for hours. Chuck and Terri Swing opened the restaurant in 1991, and nowadays you can often find their son Jamie behind the counter. Regulars know to order the soy lime chicken tacos with extra homemade green salsa and a side of marinated cucumber salad (a family recipe from Chuck’s grandmother), and while portions are large enough to satiate an active day on the lake, the popular 8-inch tri-tip burrito will only set you back $6.73. But be advised that T’s is cash only, so that 7-Eleven next door might come in handy if you need an ATM
If kicking back with a hometown brew sounds like a sip of heaven, then this South Shore watering hole and restaurant will hit the spot after a long day on the trails or even as a day-trip destination by itself. But you don’t need to drink beer to get the most from this hops haven, where the brewery’s signature Bad Ass Ale—a malty, heavy-duty red that weighs in at 9.2% ABV—goes into everything from pint glasses to pizza. The latter is some of the best and most adventurous in the Tahoe region—don’t miss the insanely good Thai chicken pizza featuring spicy peanut sauce topped with cheese, chicken, red onions, mushrooms, peanuts, bell peppers, garlic and a green onion garnish. Go early to grab a table on the front patio and let the sunny, lazy lake-going hours drift by